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home of the saints

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

home of the saints

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 1:01PM

Parent Meeting

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:29AM

Parent Meeting!

There will be a parent meeting at 5pm this Friday, August 25th for all volleyball teams! Very important information to address, please make sure to attend!

Team News

9 months ago @ 1:31PM

Schedule for PSU Jamboree
Team News

9 months ago @ 10:59AM

Tryout Schedule & Important Information!

Hello All and Welcome to Saints Volleyball:

Welcome to a new season of Saints Volleyball. Preseason tryouts begin Monday August 14th

Volleyball Tryout Schedule:

Due to the number of players signed up this year, we have scheduled three different tryout “ sessions”.   If you are a freshmen who has played organized volleyball (e.g. school team, club volleyball) previously, you will attend tryouts at the Freshmen (with experience) session.  If you are a freshmen who has not played organized volleyball before, you will attend the Freshmen Skills Clinic where you will be introduced to the basic skills and rules needed to play.  All freshmen will make a team.  If you are an upperclassman, you will attend the Sophomores, Juniors and Senior Session.  

MONDAY August 14th:
 - Freshmen (with experience) 6-9 pm
TUESDAY August 15th:
 - Freshmen Skills Clinic 4-6 pm
 - Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors 6-9 pm       
WEDNESDAY August 16th:
  - Freshmen Skills Clinic 3-5 pm
 - Freshmen (with experience) 5-7 pm
  - Sophomores, juniors, Seniors 7-9 pm
THURSDAY August 17th:
 - Freshmen Skills Clinic 3-5 pm
 - Freshmen (with experience) 5-7 pm
 - Sophomores, juniors, Seniors 7-9 pm
FRIDAY August 18th:
- Freshmen/Reserve Team - OFF
- JV 5-7 pm
- Varsity 6-8 pm

You should attend every tryout, unless you have made other arrangements (preferably in advance).

Volleyball players should always arrive early and be dressed and ready to play by the start time. Therefore, you should plan on arriving 15 minutes in advance.

Teams should be announced on Thursday by the end of practice. (all schedules and information will be under "Varsity" until the teams are split)

What to wear/bring to tryouts/practice:


Water/water bottle

Sneakers (Volleyball sneakers should not be worn outdoors)

What NOT to wear/bring to tryouts/practice:

No tank tops allowed 

No jewelry

No gum

Tryout Criteria:

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic and want to learn to be better players. Prior volleyball experience and skills help, but are not required. Prospective players will be selected based on the following criteria:

Athletic Ability – Players with the ability to learn and perform complex skills.

Attitude – Players who are positive, competitive, and eager to learn.

Position – Players who have the skills that fit a specific need for the teams overall balance.

What to expect at tryouts:

Expect to work hard. Players will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed. You should run while shagging balls, when moving from drill to drill, and to and from water breaks.

Perspective players will be put through a series of volleyball related physical testing.

Perspective players should be willing to try hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and keep trying. Coaches will take note of those players who listen, follow directions, and ask questions when necessary.

Perspective players will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of basic volleyball skills (serving, setting, passing, hitting, blocking) individually and in competitive situations. Coaches will take note of players who demonstrate progress while learning a new skill.

Team News

10 months ago @ 11:30AM

Fall 2017 Season!

First day of practices start on Monday August 14th! Further details to come.

Also, an important Fall Athletics Meeting will be held on Tuesday August 8th at 6:30 in the gym.
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